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The customer undertakes not to store any materials that may constitute a fire hazard for example: fuel, explosives etc. No items may be stored that can damage the facility or enhance any risks against which the building is insured against. Items that is prohibited include the following but is not limited to this:

  1. Any Animal;
  2. Firearms, weapons, ammunition;
  3. Illegal items or – substances;
  4. Perishable items or goods;
  5. Items that may create/emits fumes, smell or odour.


Alternative Storage do not insure the contents of any storage unit. The customer acknowledge that he will make his own provision for insurance on his contents as Alternative Storage does not know the extent of what is stored inside the unit.


The storage units may only be used for storage purposes and not for manufacturing, selling or conducting a business. No alterations are allowed in the unit.


Customers confirm that they are using the premises at their own risk. Customers indemnify Alternative Storage, its directors and employees against any claims which may result from the customer or the customer agents, using the premises and suffering and damages or injury.


Access hours: 24/7
Office hours: Monday to Friday – between 08h00 and 17h00
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Access to the storage units will be provided by a pre-issued access tag. Customer who lose this tag will be requi red to purchase a non-refundable access tag.

In case of emergency access afterhours will be charged at a call - out fee of R350,00


All customers are required to lock his/her unit with a mandatory lock that can be purchased at Alternative Storage. No keys to units may be left with any Alternative Storage employees on site.


The minimum rental period wil l be one (1) calendar month. Notice of cancellation must be provided one (1) calendar month in advance in writing. In the event where a contract period expired, and no notification has been received the contract will automatically be extended on a month to month basis where rent is payable in advance. No pro-rata rent will be allowed after the initial period.

The initial rental amount will be payable on signature of the contract . All other payments shall be made in advance.

Payment methods include:

Credit Card via our website
EFT Alternative Storage Pty Ltd
Nedbank Tygerberg Winelands
Acc: 1160982082
Branch: 118 602

On signature of this this contract and confirmation that the rental for the initial period has been received, an access tag will be issued to the customer that will give him access to the premises between the access hours.

Interest on overdue amount wil l be levied at the prime lending rate of Nedbank plus 3%. In the event that there are overdue amounts that must be recovered, the customer will be held liable for this. These cost is not limited to legal costs.

When a customer is overdue on his account his access tag will be deactivated and he wi ll only be again act ivated on payment of the full outstanding amount. After one (1) month Alternative Storage will add an additional lock to the unit. The customer will only be able to arrange for access to his “locked” unit during office hours. A fee will be charged to gain access to the unit.

After a period of three (3) month the customer would have deemed to have abandoned his goods. Alternative Storage will have the right to dispose of the contents to recover any outstanding costs. The customer authorises Alternative Storage to open the unit to inspect, move or do what is necessary to recover outstanding costs.

Should the proceeds from the disposal be less than the outstanding cost , all proceeds will be allocated first to costs occurred to vacate the premises and then to outstanding rent . The remaining outstanding amounts will be payable by the customer.

All written notices will be send to the email address provide above and will be deemed valid.

Regarding the delivering of legal notices the customer chooses the rented unit as his “domicile”.