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5 Essential questions to ask before you rent storage space

5 Essential questions to ask before you rent storage space
Have you moved into a new house or are planning to downscale and need to store certain items in a self-storage unit in Cape Town? Do some research before making your decision about which storage facility you’re going to entrust with your belongings.

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 As mentioned above, you’re storing your personal possessions at the storage facility and it’s imperative that there are safety and security measures in place. Alternative Storage is a great example of a company that values its clients’ possessions. They have: 

Some people require long-term storage, other may only need it for a few months. Ask each company whether they offer month-to-month rental agreements if you only require short-term storage.

The reality is that accidents do happen, but a reputable storage facility should have smoke alarms and sprinklers to put out a fire that could potentially destroy your valuables.

You wouldn’t rent a house without taking a tour beforehand, right? Apply this mindset when searching for a storage facility. Does the facility have the amount and variety of sizes of units that they claim to have? Do you they actually have 24/7 security cameras? These are fundamental aspects that you need to find out, not simply assume.

This is an important additional question to confirm level of security the storage facility. They may claim that they have 24/7 surveillance and guards that patrol the grounds but if they have had a number of break-ins over a short period of time, it obviously isn’t effective.

The bottom line is that the facility needs to have all of the prerequisites you need, and you should also feel comfortable storing your belongings at the chosen facility.

Not sure what size storage unit you need? Use our storage calculator to guide you.

If you’d like more information, about Alternative Storage’s service offerings, safety and security measures, please visit:

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